This is one of many perfect ready made scrub i use, and is very good for my skin. which i can also  recommend it for you; because its  good for all skin type. this scrub remove excess oil from the follicles of the skin, cleans the pores and clear up dark spots. The little particles in the scrub helps in killing bacteria from the surface of the skin. this video tells a broad review of this scrub and am sure; it might be of great benefits you. watch and share.

This oil is one of the many good oil recommended by me. fair & white oil has so much good ingredients that will gill you a gradual and beautiful toning. you would not have to worry for black knuckles or dark spots on your skin; it will not only make your skin glow but will retain moisture to your skin, which is one of the most important thing food that you skin needs. this video will give you a broad review on this oil. am you will love it, watch it and share with your friends.

This a very simple yet effective homely way to lighten those dark annoying lips, and get a soft pink lips with this kitchen recipes. this recipe is super effective and affordable. Ingredient needed Honey Sugar Lemon almond oil Preparation Step One Take a teaspoon of sugar into a clean boll and add half teaspoon of honey, stir the mixture together. you can either use a tooth brush or your finger to apply the mix to you lip, scrub thoroughly and gently for about three minute; clean it up with a towel or you can choose to wash it off. Step…

This shots comedy film “computer age” tells  a story of the generational kid. and the knowledge they have; due to computer, phones and other gadgets, which they have been expose to. and also the knowledge they acquire in school. this comedy is not only funny but educative to adults and children, its also sends a great message to adults in other for them to stop manipulating and flogging children; thinking that they seems not to know anything. please share this video to your friends.

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