Overtime I’ve heard young people talk bitterly about their hair turning gray, this doesn’t really pose a problem to most aged cause its natural for them. Research shows that the premature graying problem is largely genetic. Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin which gives your tresses their color. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as gray, white, or silver.


And this now poses a question: How can you turn your gray hair to natural Black hair?… Well that’s why i’m here to give you a most natural solution. Below is my remedy for turning gray hair into black. The


ingredients involved in the process include;

  1. Viboost vitamin E capsule.
  2. Raw Organic coconut oil.
  3. Henna powder.
  4. Amla extract.

Viboost vitamin E capsule

This is a fat soluble antioxidant which helps to repair and build-up hair tissue. When you apply vitamin E to your scalp, it reduces inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth. Vitamin E is available in pill form or as a capsule which help improve melanin production.

Raw organic coconut oil

Previously we discussed the importance of coconut oil to our hair, skin and body. Well just for a reminder, this natural oil is rich in fatty acids which moisturise hair,prevents and removes lice and dandruff. The oil can improve scalp health, therefore improving the conditions for growing thicker, fuller hair, undamaged hair.

Henna powder

Henna is one of the best hair beauty ingredient. Since years, if not centuries, women have used the power of this natural compound to strengthen, nourish and beautify their hair. Back then, they would use the leaves of henna for hair treatment, the contemporary woman now uses henna powder for hair therapy. This powder aids in balancing hair pH level, stop hair breakage and improves scalp health.

Amla extract

It contains essential nutrients such as fatty acids which give your hair strength and lustre, its surplus vitamin C stops premature gray color on hair while maintaining your natural hair color. It is a perfect hair conditioner for dandruff treatment. It is the best solution for itchy scalps and stimulates hair growth as a result of its iron and carotene content.


  • Put two table spoons of Henna powder into a bowl, add 9 table spoons of water to henna and mix, keep aside (Henna color changes to brown with time, it could also be left overnight).
  • Put one table spoon of amla extract (you can take more its your choice) into a different pan, add 5 table spoons of water and mix, spread mixture around pan.
  • Use a scissors to open up two capsules of viboost vitamin E and pour in pan.
  • Add one table spoon of coconut oil into the pan and mix.

Onn gas or stove and put pan on fire, while boiling the mixture color changes from gray to black. Add your henna mixture to boiling mixture and turn. When it boils enough, water reduces and it gets a little pasty, turn off gas or stove.


Apply mixture on the affected area (gray hair), wait for 45 minutes or an hour then rinse with henna mixture (henna powder and water).

NOTE: Do not cover hair after application to allow the presence of air on hair which aids in cooling and drying.



  • Eat Walnuts, cheese and Prawns.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Massage hair with egg oil
  • Use coconut oil.
  • Eat more chicken and fish while avoiding red meats.





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