Apple cider vinegar is widely used orally; little did we know that this wonderful beverage save enormous purpose to the skin, hair and body. here are some of the amazing and beneficial benefit of apple cider vinegar on the skin


  1. Fat Cutter

Apple cider vinegar, is a fat cutter; because it acidic in its taste and contents so its helps to burn down those excessive fat around your belly and harms. it is also use as a weight loose remedy to those who do not have enough money to go under the knife of surgery;.

How TO Take Apple Cider For Weight Loose:

Take a clean water glass in the morning and pour in pour in water into it; then measure two spoon full of apple cider vinegar into the water. stir it to properly mix the liquid with the water, then drink the solution in an empty stomach, you can eat after one hour of taking this. repeat this intake four times a week; this can also be done in the evening before bedtime. you will notice; the fat around your belly gradually shading off.


     2. Its Stop Smelling Feet

Your feet might have a very bad smelling because of the long time you have your shoes on. this happens because the shoes was made from rubber or leader. so when you foot starts to sweat it then mix with leader; and since there is no space for air come in between you skin and the shoe. it is bound to smell;. Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing deodorant for smelling feet, this will dry up the excess sweat on your feet; therefore leaving your feet odourless.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Smelling Feet

Pour Apple Cider Vinegar into a cotton pad or wool, use that to clean your feet thoroughly until its dries. this help will change the way your feet smells. you can also do that even before wearing your shoes for a long time. this will prevent your feet from smelling even when your shoes are on.

 3.  Smelling hand Pit  

In the absence of a good deodorant for your hand pit, apple cider is cheap and affordable and can be use in place of a deodorant for your smelling hand pit. in addition its serves as a toner for your hand pit; this amazing beverage will not only stop your hand pit from bring out bad odor; its will also lighten and even out your hand pit;.


How To Use

You will need a cotton wool or cotton pad, dip that into your apple cider vinegar. use the wite cotton pad or wool to wipe your under hands till its dries; this will leave your under hands dry throughout the day.

This video will best help you on more benefits of apple cider vinegar:


 4. Glow Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar work wounder when it comes to applying it to your skin. this is one beverage that i love to use in my beauty treatment; using apple cider vinegar alone or along side other beneficial ingredients; this will honestly make your skin look like that of a baby skin.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Glowing The Skin 

You can use Apple Cider Vinegar alone side other natural natural ingredients to achieve a desired skin color. pour this beverage on your skin and leave it on for five to ten minutes. then rinse with a temperature water. repeat that four times a week. you will start to notice that your skin will be smooth and soft. it will also tone your skin.

5.  Fight Wrinkles

Contact usage of Apple Cider Vinegar on your face and skin will help reduce wrinkles and leave your skin looking ten years younger

How To Use For Wrinkles

Use apple cider vinegar with fuller earth; take a clean boll add one table spoon of fuller earth, add two spoon of apple cider vinegar; mix well, the use a brush and apply this mixture to your face and neck, leave it to completely dry then wash with Luke warm water. then pad dry with a towel. apply a moisturiser, do this as often as possible, in no time you will realize that your wrinkle and fine lines will slowly disappear.





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